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Bocca Traditional Pies

18 Sicilian

Deep dish 16" square (please allow additional cooking time).

2.75 Monster Slice

Regular 12" 9 / Large 16" 11 Bocca Traditional Pies

Bocca's traditional pie consists of the finest mozzarella, plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, grated parmigiano reggiano and fresh basil.

Bocca Specialty Coal Fired Pizza

Bocca's coal fired pie is available in 12" only.

nonna pizza image

10 Nonna

Chunky fresh plum tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fresh mozarella, oregano and fresh sweet basil

14 Saltim “BOCCA”

Coal fire oven roasted chicken breast, spinach, portabella mushrooms, prosciutto, fresh sage, fresh mozzarella and tomato demi-glace.

12 Vegetarian

Garlic, extra virgin olive oil, portabella mushrooms, artichoke hearts, spinach, marinated yellow tomato, coal fire oven roasted red peppers, and fresh mozzarella.

12 Funghi

Marsala macerated and coal fire oven roasted exotic mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and San Marzano and rosemary infused demi-glace.

12 Salad

Extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh mozzarella, parmesean, romano, and rosemary pie topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressed mesclun greens and grape tomatoes.

15 Sweet Caramelized Onions & Prosciutto

Coal fire oven roasted caramelized onions, proscuitto, gorgonzola, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil.

15 Prosciutto Arugula and Parmesan

Garlic herb olive oil, mozzarella, topped with fresh arugula, prosciutto, roasted garlic and shaved parmesan

13 Italian

Hot capocolla, genoa salami, sweet peppers, onions, and fresh mozzarella.



12 Deviled Crab and Lobster Cake

Sweet Blue Claw, jumbo lump Crab & Lobster meat tossed with the louisiana creole "Holy Trinity" & our homemade imperial sauce. Formed into three miniature cakes & pan seared golden brown, served with homemade remoulade sauce

12 Mussels

Prince Edward Island mussels sautéed in olive oil with shaved garlic and fresh sweet basil finished in a chardonnay wine sauce (white) or chunky pomodoro (red)

12 Calamari

Crispy fried rings and tentacles with cherry hot peppers served with Sweet baby rays thai sweet chili

8 Bruschetta

Garlic bread topped with tomato basil bruschetta over mesclun greens with coal fire oven roasted long hot peppers, pecorino romano cheese, sweet balsamic reduction and flavored oils. (With lump crabeat 14)

9 Italian Long Hots

Coal fire oven roasted Italian long hot peppers sauteéd in garlic and olive oil and topped with shaved sharp provolone cheese served with crusty Italian bread.

11 / 18 Steamers

Little neck clams steamed in garlic broth, served with melted butter & lemon wedges.

8 Fried Mac & Cheese Wedges

Crispy battered mac & cheese wedges served with our homemade red sauce for dipping

12 Asian Firecracker Shrimp

Golden brown ale battered shrimp tossed in a sweet & spicy asian sauce & sesame seeds, served over shredded lettuce

8 Black & Tan Rings

Black and tan beer battered onion rings served with a Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce.

1/2 doz 6 or 1 doz 9 Bocca Garlic Knots

Hand rolled, coal fire oven roasted garlic parmesan knots served with our house red sauce.

6 Pepperoni and Cheese Knots

Two of our garlic knots stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella, served with homemade red sauce

12 Asain Lettuce Wraps

Sticky sushi rice and Galbi in bibb lettuce cups with gochujun served with homemade kim chi

12 Beet and Goat Cheese Lavash

Crispy garlic, rosemary and parmesan lavash topped with fresh arugula, goat cheese, roasted red and golden beets finished with a sweet balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil

10 Hummus Plate

Homemade roasted red pepper hummus served with cucumbers, carrots, celery and crostini

14 Roasted Garlic Scallops

Seared sea scallops over sautéed spinach topped with roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil

14 Thai Shrimp Skewers

Six bamboo skewered jumbo gulf shrimp lacquered in a sweet and spicy Thai sweet chili sauce served over Asian slaw

Soups & Salads

Soups & Salads

cup 4 bowl 6 Minestrone

Homemade old fashion Italian vegetable soup in a hearty tomato broth with pasta and beans garnished with crouton and parmesan.

6 French Onion Au Gratin

Slow roasted onions simmered in a rich herb infused beef stock baked in a crock topped with gruyere cheese and frizzled onions. (Served in crock only)

cup 4 bowl 6 Soup Du Jour

One of our chef's creations made fresh daily.

12 Buffalo Chicken Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with in a creamy buttermilk ranch dressing, topped with buffalo chicken tenders & garnished with crumbled bleu cheese, tomato, sliced black olives, cucumbers, red onions

13 Greek Salad

Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion, peppers & Kalamata olives in greek dressing served with pita wedges

10 Classic Caesar

Romaine lettuce tossed in our homemade creamy Caesar dressing with garlic croutons and shaved parmesan cheese. (Add chicken 4, grilled shrimp 6, grilled salmon 7 or grilled ahi 7)

12 Grilled Vegetable Salad

Hot or Cold Marinated and open flame grilled asparagus, peppers, zucchini, squash and eggplant served over mesclun greens with balsamic vinaigrette drizzle.

14 Antipasto Salad

Balsamic vinaigrette dressed Arcadian topped with fresh mozzarella, prosciutto d' parma, sopressata, capicola ham, coal fire oven roasted long hot peppers, fire roasted red peppers, kalamata olive and sharp provolone. (With anchovies 14)

image for gorgonzola chicken

12 Gorgonzola Chicken

Boston bib lettuce half topped with homemade salad of poached chicken, celery, apples, candied walnuts and crumbled gorgonzola in an apple cider vinaigrette.

image of Ahi Tuna Salad

15 Tuscan Salmon or Ahi Tuna Salad

Grilled salmon filet or Ahi Tuna over mesclun greens topped with marinated roasted garlic, coal fire oven roasted red peppers, tomato, kalamata olives, pine nuts, pepperoncini, capers and sun dried tomatoes finished with olive oil and a sweet balsamic reduction.

Regular 15 Small 9 Chopped Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce, prosciutto d' parma, sopressata, fresh mozzarella, sharp provolone, motadella and gorgonzola garnished with coal fire oven roasted red peppers, caper berries, olives and a sun dried tomato infused olive oil. Finished with a sweet balsamic syrup drizzle.

5 Side Salad

7 Side Caesar Salad

Dressing Choices

Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Honey Dijon, Parmesan Peppercorn, Creamy Italian, French

13 Nuts and Berries Chicken Salad

Chopped cajun seasoned open fl ams grilled boneless chicken breast tossed with arcadian greens in a wild raspberry vinaigrette with fresh strawberries, candied walnuts, sun dried cranberries and gorgonzola cheese

14 Asian Steak Salad

Marinated and open fl ame grilled skirt steak over arcadian greens tossed in sesame vinaigrette with mandarin oranges, water chestnuts, peppers, carrots, baby corn and crispy lo mein noodles

14 Tuna and Canellini Salad

Italian tuna packed in olive oil served over crisp romaine hearts with cannellini beans, grape tomatoes, red onion, capers, Kalamata olives and artichoke hearts fi nished with extra virgin olive oil, parmesan and balsamic vinegar

Stromboli & Calzones

12 Stromboli

Folded dough pocket filled with mozzarella, tomato sauce and any three regular toppings.

12 Calzone

Folded dough pocket filled with ricotta, mozzarella and one regular topping.

3 Regular Toppings

Pepperoni, coal fire oven roasted sausage, mushrooms, onions, spinach, broccoli, black olives, peppers, coal fire oven roasted meatballs, sliced tomato, extra cheese, sweet peppers, hot peppers, anchovies, ham.

4 Specialty Toppings

Grilled chicken, bacon, ricotta, coal fire oven roasted red peppers, marinated yellow tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato, broccoli rabe, asparagus, portabella, grilled eggplant, prosciutto, coal fire oven roasted Italian long hots, caramelized onions, sharp provolone cheese.

Finger Foods

10 Wings

Ten coal fire oven roasted fresh wings tossed in your choice of spicy buffalo, hot & honey, Thai sweet chili or zesty garlic herb served with celery stick and creamy bleu cheese dressing.

10 Tail Tenders

Lightly battered fresh chicken tenderloins tossed in your choice of spicy buffalo, hot & honey, Thai sweet chili or zesty garlic herb served with celery sticks and creamy bleu cheese dressing.

Bocca Specialty Sandwiches & Burgers

All sandwiches include chips (in house only) and choice of lettuce, tomato fried onions, hot peppers, sweet peppers and raw onion.

9 Mediterranean Veggie Burger

A quarter pounder burger made with a mixture of vegetables, feta cheese, whole grain rice & mediterranean spices topped with cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion & creamy Tzatziki sauce

16 Lobster Roll

Maine lobster claw and knuckle meat tossed in a warm cajun butter on a butter grilled brioche roll with creole slaw served with tomato cucumber salad (No mayo here!)

13 Caribbean Mahi Mahi Burger

Caribbean jerk seasoned Mahi Mahi filet topped with green leaf lettuce & a tropical fruit tartar sauce

10 Texas Smoke House Pork

Tender pulled pork in a sweet and zesty barbecue sauce served on a garlic toasted brioche roll topped with white cheddar and frizzled onions 10

11 Chicken Cutlet

Italian breaded and pan fried chicken cutlet on half A.C. Sub roll with sautéed broccoli rabe, sharp provolone cheese.

12 Roast Beef Melt

French roasted Certified Angus Beef® eye round in a rich brown sauce on grilled sour dough with horseradish cheddar and sliced banana peppers 12

14 Ahi Tuna Burger

Cajun seasoned & grilled Ahi tuna steak topped with spring greens, sliced tomato & cusabi dressing

12 Italiano

Toasted seeded semolina roll layered with prosciutto, soppersotta, hot cappocollo, pepperoni and provolone cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, mayonnaise and Italian dressing

11 Black & Bleu Burger

Cajun seasoned on a grilled brioche roll with a bleu cheese candied walnut slaw

12 Pepadew Bacon Burger

Topped with homemade pepadew cheddar & Cherrywood smoked bacon

All American Burger Image

10 All American Burger

Open flame grilled “1/2 Pound” “Certified Angus Beef” burger on a Brioche roll with American cheese served with fries.

10 Turkey Burger Balsamico

Seared turkey burger on a grilled Brioche roll with sliced tomato fresh spinach and Italian garlic herb balsamic mayonnaise served with garlic parmesan fries.

14 Filet Cheese Steak

Tender Certified Angus Beef® filet tips seared with mushroom and onions on a toasted seeded semolina roll with melted provolone cheese

9 Grilled Vegetable Wrap

Marinated and open flame grilled asparagus, peppers, zucchini, squash and eggplant rolled in asoft flour tortilla with rice and cheddar cheese 9

12 Mac & Cheese Burger

Topped with grilled tomato, American Cheese & Crispy fried mac & cheese.

1 Add mushrooms to any sandwich

3 Add bacon to any sandwich

12 Tuna Melt

White albacore tuna tossed with celery, onion and mayonnaise on grilled sour dough with melted American cheese and tomato

12 Chicken or Turkey Club

Grilled boneless chicken breast or sliced turkey breast on grilled sour dough with swiss cheese, cherrywood smoked bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce, avocado and tomato


All Entreés

All Entrées Served with Bread and Choice of Soup Du Jour, Minestrone or House Salad. (Substitute French onion or Caesar Salad for an additional 2)

Pasta Creations

19 Ravioli Florentine

Cheese ravoilis with sauteed spinach & fire roasted red peppers in a roasted garlic cream sauce finished with shredded mozzarella


18 Short Rib Raviolis

Handmade raviolis stuffed with slow roasted shredded short rib presented with seared exotic mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes in a rich Lombardo’s sweet Marsala sauce with a touch of cream.

20 Crab Ravioli

Crab and ricotta stuffed raviolis in Stoli vodka tomato cream sauce with sweet blue claw crab meat, fresh sweet basil and tomato.

19 Cheese Raviolis

Tradition ricotta stuffed jumbo cheese raviolis in our homemade tomato sauce flecked with mozzarella.

18 Gnocchi e Funghi

Light Italian potato dumpling in homemade sauce Pomodoro with mozzarella Ciliegine garnished with coal fire roasted mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and fresh sweet basil.

9 Traditional Pasta

Choice of Linguine, Cappellini, Penne or Fettuccine served in our homemade red sauce. 9 (Whole Wheat Penne 11)

10 Pomodoro

Chunky red sauce.

11 Garlic & Oil

Shaved garlic sauteéd in extra virgin olive oil.

14 Alfredo

Creamy parmesan sauce with a touch of garlic.

15 Bolognese

Ground sirloin with a touch of red wine and pulled braised short rib.

15 Vodka

Creamy tomato with a touch of Vodka.

Healthy Eats

When you need that perfect balance of protein and carbs.

20 Grilled Chicken Paillard

Twin thin sliced chicken breast marinated in fresh herbs, garlic & lemon served with garlic & oil sauteed broccoli robe & fire-roasted red peppers (GF)

25 Chilean Sea Bass

Pan seared Chilean Sea Bass Filet with sautéed capers, plum tomatoes, Kalamata olives, roasted garlic and basil in light chardonnay wine sauce accompanied by broccoli florets and Kalamata olive oil.

23 Pasta di Verdure

Imported whole wheat penne pasta tossed with sautéed eggplant, spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, asparagus and grape tomatoes in extra virgin olive oil with garlic and Italian herbs.

24 Salmon Picatta

Open flamed grilled northern Atlantic salmon filet served with wilted spinach & topped with lemon, capers, fresh herbs & extra virgin olive oil (GF)

24 Tuna Checca

Marinated and open flame grilled Ahi tuna steak topped with sautéed plum tomatoes, green olives, capers, onions, and garlic in olive oil served with broccoli rabe.

Chicken - Veal - Eggplant

19 Eggplant Sorrento

Marinated & open flame grilled eggplant topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, sauteed plum tomatoes, mushrooms & onions in roasted garlic tomato basil butter, served with imported linguine

20 Pollo Valsaro

Sauteed fresh chicken tenderlions with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, plum tomatoes & basil in a roasted garlic tomato butter flecked with shredded mozzarella served with roasted red blissed mashed potatoes & steamed broccoli florets

limon chicken

23 Chicken & Crab Limon

Boneless breast of chicken coated in a Parmesan egg battered and lightly sautéed in a garlic white wine sauce with lump crab meat, lemon, basil, caper berries and sun dried tomatoes served with imported linguine.

22 Veal Parmesan

Italian breaded topped with imported provolone cheese and marinara sauce served with imported linguine.

23 Crabby Eggplant

Oven baked Italian breaded eggplant stuffed with ricotta topped with sautéed lump crab meat in a vodka tomato cream sauce and shredded mozzarella served with imported linguine


25 Mango Mahi

Broiled caribbean seasoned mahi mahi filet topped with a chilled mango salsa and a cilantro lime drizzle served with rice and steamed broccoli (GF)

23 Mussels and Linguine

Prince Edward Island mussels sautéed in olive oil with shaved garlic and fresh sweet basil finished in a chardonnay wine sauce (white) or chunky pomodoro (red) served over imported linguine

24 Shrimp & Broccoli Scampi

Eight jumbo Gulf shrimp sautéed with fresh broccoli florets with in a zesty garlic white wine sauce served over imported linguine.

27 Deviled Crab & Lobster Cakes

Sweet blue claw, jumbo crab & lobster meat tossed with louisana Creole "Holy Trinity" our homemade imperial sauce & formed into two delicate cakes. Pan seared golden brown served with roasted red bliss mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli & remoulade sauce


25 Salmon Augustine

Herb seared salmon filet topped with sautéed Jumbo gulf shrimp, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and plum tomatoes in a Prosecco Key lime reduction served with Tuscan potatoes.

22 Linguine & Clams

One dozen local tender little neck clams and chopped clams sautéed in olive oil with shaved garlic, white wine and fresh sweet basil served red or white over imported linguine.

24 Sesame Ahi Tuna

Seared sesame & black pepper encrusted Ahi Tuna steak topped with fresh seaweed salad served with rice, steamed fresh broccoli florets, soy sauce, wasabi & pickled ginger (GF)

23 Fried Jumbo Shrimp

Eight crispy golden brown hand breaded jumbo Gulf shrimp served over a mountain of our famous fries with homemade coleslaw, lemon wedges and zesty cocktail sauce.

26 Citrus Grouper

Pan seared grouper filet over wasabi mashed potatoes topped with a salad of fresh citrus, pineapple, pink peppercorns, ginger and cilantro


Top your steak with marsala carmelized onions or sautéed mushrooms for an additional 3.

image for grilled flat iron steak

24 Grilled Flat Iron Steak

Garlic and Italian herb marinated and open flame grilled flat iron steak topped with crumbled gorgonzola cheese and sweet balsamic syrup served with garlic mashed potatoes and spinach with coal fired roasted red peppers.

19 Italian Sausage

Sautéed sweet Italian sausage barrels with roasted garlic, sun dried tomato, cannelini beans and broccoli rabe in a garlic basil broth finished with shaved parmesan cheese

25 Steak Sinatra

Three tender Certified Angus Beef bistro filet medallions topped with jumbo crabmeat in a creamy cognac demi glace, served with red bliss mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli florets

Half rack 19 • Full rack 26 Blueberry Bourbon Barbecued Ribs

Open flame grilled St. Louis style pork ribs served with sides of creamy coleslaw and baked mac and cheese.

Sides & Extras

5 Italian Sausage

Grilled sweet Italian sausage with or without sauce.

4 Pasta

Substitute one of our homemade sauces to your pasta side. Alfredo 4, Bolognese 5, Vodka 5, Garlic and Oil 3, Marinara 3, Pomodoro 2. Substitute Whol Wheat Penne 2.

6 Grilled Vegetables

4 Coal Fire Oven Roasted Meatballs

5 Sweet Italian Sausage

5 Broccoli Rabe Aioli

5 Spinach Aioli

4 Vegetable Du Jour

5 Grilled Asparagus

3 Cole Slaw

3 French Fries

4 Waffle Fries

12 & Under Menu

5 Cheese Raviolis

6 Homemade Baked Macaroni & Cheese

7 Hand Breaded Chicken Fingers & Fries

5 Cheeseburger & Fries

6 Mac n Cheese Bites & Fries

7 Linguine with Meatball

6 Pizza


9 Peanut Butter Bomb

Rich dark chocolate fudge cake layered with chocolate mousse and topped with ganache, finished with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

7 New York Style Cheese Cake

Need we say more? (Add cherry, blueberry, or strawberry topping 9)


4 Cannoli

Sweet mascarpone and chocolate chip filled cannoli garnished with chocolate sauce, real whipped cream.