7805 Ventnor Ave. Margate City, NJ 08402 Tel: 609-823-3663

Bocca’s Grand Opening


October 10, 2012 marked the official grand opening of Bocca Coal Fired Bistro. Conveniently located in the heart of Margate City, on the corner of Ventnor & Essex Avenues, Bocca’s completely customized interior and exterior represent an investment of over $1.5 million in renovations.

Offering three unique atmospheres to comfortably accommodate guests and their individual dining needs, guests can choose from a casual yet modern pizzeria, formal dining room, or intimate bar & lounge area. At Bocca, guests can order anything they want, anywhere they want.

“Coal Fired Bistro”

coal fire oven

Weighing in at an impressive 6500 pounds, Bocca’s coal fire oven, made entirely of Earth Stone, is the heart of Bocca Coal Fired Bistro.

This unique oven produces temperatures exceeding 900 degrees, increasing flavor profiles and giving food and “old world flavor” and crisp, charred crust.

Primarily recognized for its quick production of Bocca’s specialty coal fired pizzas, the superior flavor influences of Bocca’s coal fire oven are further utilized to include various coal fired oven roasted vegetables and meats incorporated into many of our signature Italian dishes.